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Oakley Curtain Wall

For buildings with glazing spanning two or more floors

Size: A1, 125mm, 160mm
Application: High rise building
Other: Stick form and unitized methods of manufacture


For architecturally designed buildings and difficult locations

Size: 40mm
Application: Architectural homes, schools and entry level low rise commercial


Performs well up to a very high wind zone

Size: 35mm
Application: Residential homes
Other: Features Foldback® Bifold, Euroslider® & Eurostacker®

Shop Front

Ideally suited to ground floor commercial buildings

Application: Can be incorporated either internally or externally to a commercial site

High Performance

For edgy architecture, extreme locations & unique applications

Size: 48mm
Application: High spec architectural homes & low rise commercial


Easier and  faster to install with superior weathertightness

Size: 35mm
Application: Residential Homes
Other: Patented fully integrated window system

Flush Glaze Curtain Wall

Structurally glazed & exceeds NZ compliance requirements

Size: 106mm, 136mm, 159mm
Application: Single-storey office/factory complex to multi-storey high-rise


For cooler climates & architecturally designed homes

Size: 52mm
Application: Energy efficient homes. Over 50% more thermally efficient than standard aluminium


Composite timber and aluminium joinery

Size: 38mm
Application: Character homes
Other: Over 50% more thermally efficient than standard aluminium

What's in the Design Resource?

The Fletcher Window & Door Systems Design Resource contains technical product information, along with CAD & BIM resources for specifiers and architects.

There’s a host of impressive new features and benefits provided by the Design Resource upgrade – and none more so than the addition of Revit® and BIM details for commercial applications.

Unlike other online resources, the new site offers practical Revit® details that you can actually use.

Among other things, it provides CAD details to support the traditional documentation processes, BIM methodologies and 3D applications.

This results in increased accuracy, which is sure to save you both time and money.

Lastly, the Design Resource has also expanded to include Oakley Commercial systems, which have been upgraded for better seismic performance and cross platform integration.